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Everything you need to know about your orders with Just Legends. What happens when your order is send back? How can you cancel your order? What do I have to do if my order arrived damaged? I did not receive my order?


My order is send back to you. What do I need to do?

Your are awaiting a Just Legends order or package but it was send back to our warehouse? Don´t worry we will fix it for you! Take a look and finde the next steps you need to take to have your order resend to you.

How can I cancel my order?

You would like to cancel your order? We can arrange that. Find out what you need to do to cancel your order.

My order arrived damaged. What happens know?

Your package is damaged or products of your order arrived damaged? first of all big sorry! How to deal with damaged products and orders is described in this article.

I did not receive my delivery. What happens now?

Your order with Just Legends should have been with you by this time but did not arrive yet? If you would like us to take a look at your order please follow the guidance we provide in this article.

After I created an order can I change it?

You realized you would like to change your order? Maybe would like to add a product? How to change your Just Legends order and what to look out for you can find here.

How can I find out the delivery status of my order?

You need to know when your order arrives to pick it up? You can´t wait for the Just Legends products and want to know how long it takes until your package is in your hands? Find out how to find and use your individual tracking link here.