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All information concerning the shipping of Just Legends orders can be found here.


Where is my order/package?

You are looking for your Just Legends order or package? Everything you need to know about the status and tracking link of your order - how to find it, how to use it and how to interpret it can be found in this article.

How many days until my order arrives?

The current delivery time for orders with Just Legends and what do to if your order is late.

I have put in a wrong address. Can I fix it?

In case you did a mistake with the address of your order here are the steps to take to correct your address.

I did not receive an delivery notification!

As soon as your order leaves our warehouse the delivery notification will be send to you. There are a few possible options why you have not received a delivery notification yet. Did you use a different e-mail address when ordering? That might be the

Can you deliver my order to a packet station?

How you can choose the delivery option to a "Packstation" is described and explained here.

Can I change my delivery address?

How to change your delivery address in your customer profile on the Just Legends website.

Which delivery service brings my order?

Here you can find which delivery services are currently used by Just Legends.

Where do you deliver?

Not sure if Just Legends delivers in the country you live in? Here you can find all information about the current countries of delivery.